Questions to Ask When Choosing a Lender

Dated: 07/29/2019

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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Lender

Selecting the right lender may be one of the most critical pieces in your road to homeownership. 

Not only is selecting a lender one of the first steps you should take it in homebuying process, but it also may be one of the most important steps. That can be overwhelming. But, with the assistance of trusted consultants, like myself, you'll find that selecting vendors and managing logistics is not as staggering as you may think.

I suggest interviewing at least two, but better three-four, mortgage lenders when beginning your journey. Since you will likely need a pre-qualification to even look at houses, it's my opinion that you should obtain that from the first lender you speak to. Then, while you're in the process of previewing homes, reach out to a handful of other lenders to see how they compare.

Not sure what to ask? Follow this guide below and know you've got your bases covered:

If you would like guidance or recommendations on my trusted lenders, don't hesitate to reach out - I'd love to make the connection! You can email me:

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