Thinking of Selling Your Home

Dated: 01/30/2019

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My name is Don Petermann and I’m with the Luxury Team at Lake Norman Realty.  If you are thinking about selling your home, I would like to make an appointment with you to preview your home and visit with you about the market.  There are a few things that I would encourage you to consider:

 The market is fluid and has changed from a couple of years ago.  Rates have fluctuated, lenders have tightened, and while inventory remains somewhat low, the market is moving a bit slower, and buyers seem a bit more hesitant. It’s not the free-for-all that it was in recent years and it’s not simply a “Zillow” market. 

Did you know that nationwide more than 75% of “For Sale by Owners” end up listing their homes with an agent?  Even this is a skewed number because the closer the value of the home is to a car, the more likely the home-owner is to successfully sell it themselves.  As you know, we live in an area of higher home prices; which is one of the reasons that in our area, 90% or better of the “For Sale by Owners” end up listing their home with an agent.  And did you know that homes sold by Realtors consistently sell for 6-9% more.

 Also, consider that overwhelmingly, buyers prefer to be represented by a Realtor to protect their interest and because they find it uncomfortable to communicate concerns and dislikes, or negotiate directly with the owner.  Additionally, they tend to perceive information coming from the owner biased and not always forthcoming. 

Brokers have a fiduciary responsibility to their sellers to represent and sell their properties first.  Secondly, they focus on other properties listed by their firm and in the MLS network.  Finally, and as a 3rd option, they resort to the “For Sale by Owner” market.  Many agents are hesitant about taking their clients to “For Sale by Owners” because of the difficulty of working with some sellers and the perception of having to do all the work for both sides due to the inexperience of many sellers.  This puts your home on the 3rd string, and it shouldn’t be!  You have a 1st string home and it ought to be marketed in such away that gives you maximum competition to drive top value and ultimately net you the most money possible. 

Please understand that by attempting to sell it yourself, you are exposing your home to a much smaller bank of buyers.  Those buyers also tend to be the bottom feeders; coming in low and deducting the Realtor fees to boot.


Call, email, or text me for a free/no-obligation consultation to sit down, discuss your wants and needs, guide you toward the direction that will give you the best results, and answer questions or concerns that you may have. I look forward to visiting with you.

 If your considering putting your home on the market, give it the 1st string attention it deserves!

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